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Investment Strategies » Withdrawing from the stock market
Im sorry your investments are going down. Depending on how much money you have and what it is invested in: stocks or mutual funds, I would move half into a mone more...

Investment Strategies » Should I hold or sell given the rocky markets
Go back and look at the history of these investments, yes it will come back. If you move to a CD then you have guaranteed the loss. Right now it is a "paper los more...

Retirement Savings » Using 401k savings to pay off mortage
Right now there is a lot of help for people being laid off. Call your mortgage company and explain the details. You never want to pull money from 401k, that's t more...

Real Estate Financing » Refinance before bankruptcy is off credit report or wait until after?
Usually it takes 2 years after discharge to get a good rate. If you have a 6.25% rate, I would rather you invest the monies than convert to a 15 yr mortgage, yo more...

Income Taxes » I Sold a house and made a profit, do i have to pay taxes on it
Section 121 excludes $250,000 per person if the following 2 tests are met: The individual must have owned and used the home as a principal residence for at lea more...

Investment Strategies » What's the best thing to do with extra monthly income
Ok, I'm excited for you about your options. If you dont plan on retiring completely for 5 years I would: 1) Invest $400 in money market for downpayment on a ca more...

Investment Accounts » Managing inheritence assets for two equal heirs
You will have to transfer them to both your names, jointly. You need to contact a tax advisor or estate planner. more...

Retirement Plans » To leave my 401k alone or to change it?
If you don't plan on retiring till after age 60, then yes keep investing and keep buying low. The market has ALWAYS returned.. Always. If you look at history. W more...

Payroll Taxes » W-4 recommended withholdings
You are required to submit a Form W-4 to your employer substantiating your exemptions. The employer is required to withhold according to specifications in Circ more...

Investment Accounts » Questions about investing in Forex
Sorry Ron, I cant help you with the tax questions. more...

Retirement Plans » 401K: to reinvest or maintain?
I would do a direct rollover into an IRA mutual fund. This way you can move into different investment choices and have better control over "your" money. Feel fr more...

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