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All the World is a Bubble? recently ran an article partially entitled “all of the world is a bubble.” The article was obviously written just to grab headlines. It does present an opportunity to think about value and markets. The article states that “every asset class is expensive today compared with historic averages and compared with the cost of replacing […]

Buying Long Term Care Insurance

The cost of inpatient nursing home care can exceed $60,000 per year and long-term care expenses typically are not covered by Medicare or by private medical expense insurance.  Many of us do not purchase long term care insurance due to our lack of knowledge about the benefits of this type of insurance and the cost […]

Buying Disability Insurance

The risk of becoming disabled and not being able to work is one of the greatest risks that most of us face. The loss of even one paycheck can devastate one’s financial wellbeing. Yet, very few of us purchase disability insurance coverage. This is probably because most us do not fully understand what disability insurance […]

Navigating the Form 1040 Federal Income Tax Return

Many taxpayers dread the thought of having to compete federal tax returns.  While our tax laws can be a bit complicated, the Form 1040 and Form 1040 instructions actually do a pretty efficient job in helping taxpayers navigate these laws.  Understanding the structure of the Federal Income Tax Form 1040 goes a long way in […]

Will Power: Provisions for Your Will

A Will or Last Will and Testament is a legal document that governs how property is distributed upon one’s death.  The provisions in a Will will vary based upon the unique characteristics of the individuals state laws and the individuals unique circumstances.  Nonetheless, there are several Will provisions that should be included in most Wills.  […]

Financial Planning Financial Ratios

Businesses and financial institutions have long used debt, income, and savings ratios to evaluate company performance and the credit worthiness of prospective borrowers. Individuals can also use financial ratios to measure and plan their own personal finances. Here are some of the more helpful financial ratios: Total payment ratio: The total payment ratio is a […]

Market Upswing or Marketing?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DOW industrials) recently hit an “all time high.” While it is nice to read these types of stories from Wall Street, what does it really mean? This recent “all time high” refers to the DOW industrials surpassing its closing value in 1999. This means that an investor who invested at […]

Personal Savings 101

Saving money can be difficult, but there are a number of personal savings strategies that can make the process less onerous. It can be helpful to step back and think about what the term personal savings really means.  Personal savings is a direct and conscious effort to allocate or set aside money for future use.  […]

Qualified Personal Residence Trusts or QPRTs

The uncertainties surrounding our estate-tax laws has made traditional estate planning more complicated; however, there are still several estate planning strategies that should be considered.  The qualified personal residence trust or QPRT is one such strategy. A QPRT is an irrevocable trust created by a homeowner who, during their lifetime, transfers title to the personal […]

Estate Planning for Non-US Citizen Spouses

The population is getting more and more mobile. This mobility can create a number of tax mishaps. Many of these mishaps result from United States citizens marring non-citizens. Failing to adequately plan for the loss of the estate and gift tax marital deduction is often one of the costliest mistakes made by wealthy US citizens […]

Financial Goals: Finding Certainty in Uncertainty

Life has its own way of rearranging personal financial goals. What was important yesterday may be less important today, and even less important tomorrow. Therein lies the conundrum. How do we identify and set financial goals that will be just as important in the future, when the future is so uncertain? The answer can be […]

Employment Taxes & LLCs: A Look at Payroll Taxes

The Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a flexible legal entity that allows taxpayers to elect how they want to account for their state and federal tax liabilities. Unfortunately many taxpayers do not understand issues surrounding whether they should use the LLC and in what form to achieve their tax and asset protection goals. This article […]

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