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Third Party Advertising
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Mechanics of Money presents advertisers with a unique advertising medium. Advertisers are able to reach a targeted audience of financial service and product consumers and a knowledgable group of financial advisors by advertising on our site.

By necessity, our audience is techno-literate and they are willing to do their homework before taking action. Moreover, our audience is actively looking for financial services and products and they often return to visit our site after their initial visit. Advertising on the Mechanics of Money site can help you gain exposure with this inquisitive and loyal audience.

Mechanics of Money is selective in who and what it will allow to advertise on this site. Our number one rule is that we only allow advertisers and advertisements on this site that would be of value to our audience of financial consumers and advisors.

The advertising opportunities consist of placing banner advertisements on the Mechanics of Money website, as well as placing banner and text advertisements on email communications sent out by the Mechanics of Money BBS. We can help you design these banners or we can use your banners. Each advertisement, be it a text or banner ad on the website or in thte outgoing emails, can contain up to one link to the website of your choice.

Basic email ads may look something like this:

We also allow short text ads at the bottom of each outgoing email. These ads typically contain one link and are fifty words or less.

Please contact us or send us an email if you are interested in learning more about advertising on the Mechanics of Money website.

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