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20 Solid Reasons to Own Gold Coins – Now!

There are very few financial instruments left that offer financial security. When the world went off the gold standard in the 60’s and 70’s ( it happened slow so that you won’t know). Gold coins are the benchmark for value. They become a solid storehouse for your productivity.   

Here are 20 reasons why you must own gold and silver coins and have them in your possession.

1. Gold coins have intrinsic value. In times of economic uncertainty, “Gold” has consistently been the surest “safe haven” for thousands of years.

2. Gold coins are one of the very few assets that cannot be taxed away from you. When gold coins are in your possession they CAN NOT be taxed by any governmental agency.

3. Gold coins give you a return every year because they keep up with INFLATION. Nothing but Gold provides such a high degree of insurance against financial panics or the insidious effects of inflation.

4. Gold coins can be transported anywhere you travel. Put these little gems in your suitcase and go.

5. Gold coins are universally accepted as real money, always will be. Intrinsic value is the primary reason gold is used as money.

6. Gold coins values are expected to rise 300% or more in the coming years. Gold prices are expected to go up dramatically in the next 3 years.

7. Gold coin value is not subjected to time. In the1800’s, 1oz. of gold would buy a nice men’s suit. It still will today.

8. Gold coins offer COMPLETE PRIVACY. When you have gold coins in your possession they CANNOT be traced or tracked by any agency.

9. Gold coin possession protects you from the Economic Instability of the stock market. Possession of gold coins is completely private.

10. The world’s stock markets have yet to recover from the crash of 2001, worldwide, people are buying Gold in record amounts to safeguard their wealth.

11. Gold prices are expected to rise dramatically over the next three years.

12. The prospect of war on terror fuels the demand for gold.

13. Massive printing of currencies around the world will never stop.

14. Environmental regulations and energy cost make mining GOLD more expensive.

15. The huge, easy-to-get-to deposits are already mined.

16. Foreign investors are likely to ditch the declining US dollar for stability some where else..

17. The unraveling housing bubble threatens the American economy

18. China, Russia and other growing economies will expand their gold reserves.

19. Decades of low gold prices stalled production , lowering supply.


When you store gold and silver coinage, not bullion, but bullion coins, you have a fortress of security. Nothing offsets the shrinking value of currencies like this precious yellow metal. Gold coinage actually serves as a storehouse for YOUR productivity. Paper currencies offer no protection of your productivity. Gold prices are expected to go up dramatically in the next 3 years. Now is the time to act if you really want to take advantage of this situation.  As demand for Gold increases, those who have it in their possession will become wealthier than they could ever imagine.

Brad Mirtes lives in Nashville, Tennessee. Brad is a marketing and business consultant. He shows people the benefits of owning a home business. To learn how you can obtain Gold and Silver Eagle Coins for 40 cents on the dollar go to or grab a copy of The Money Book at

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