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    5 Ways to Hold Title to Property

    How you hold title to property can dictate who receives the property on your death, whether the property is subject to probate, and how it is taxed. This article examines the five ways title to property and the consequences of each.

    Will Power: Provisions for Your Will

    A Will or Last Will and Testament is a legal document that governs how property is distributed upon one’s death.  The provisions in a Will will vary based upon the unique characteristics of the individuals state laws and the individuals unique circumstances.  Nonetheless, there are several Will provisions that should be included in most Wills.  […]

    Qualified Personal Residence Trusts or QPRTs

    The uncertainties surrounding our estate-tax laws has made traditional estate planning more complicated; however, there are still several estate planning strategies that should be considered.  The qualified personal residence trust or QPRT is one such strategy. A QPRT is an irrevocable trust created by a homeowner who, during their lifetime, transfers title to the personal […]

    Estate Planning for Non-US Citizen Spouses

    The population is getting more and more mobile. This mobility can create a number of tax mishaps. Many of these mishaps result from United States citizens marring non-citizens. Failing to adequately plan for the loss of the estate and gift tax marital deduction is often one of the costliest mistakes made by wealthy US citizens […]

    Understanding Spendthrift Trusts

    Trusts can be structured to provide superior asset protection against creditor claims.  Spendthrift trust  provisions prevent creditors of the trust beneficiary from reaching the trust assets as long as the assets are held in the trust. This type of provision may or may not be upheld, depending on who created the trust and what the […]

    Is a Revocable Living Trust Right for You?

    Revocable living trusts are becoming more popular. While revocable living trusts can provide an easy and efficient means for holding and managing assets, they may not always be necessary.   A revocable living trust is simply an arrangement where one person, the trust settlor, gives property to himself as trustee or to another person or entity […]

    Estate Planning in Uncertain Times

    Our estate tax laws are currently in flux. The estate tax rules will be changing if Congress acts or if Congress fails to act. As a result of this uncertainty, everyone should take a few seconds to think about whether his or her estate plan will be effective. Here are the three estate tax regimes […]

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