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Considering Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation: What Business Owners Should Know

Businesses often fail to take full advantage of tax savings opportunities that are available to them. This article provides a high level overview of one such tax savings opportunity, namely, non-qualified deferred compensation plans. What is Deferred Compensation? Deferred compensation generally includes payments earned in a year prior to the year in which the payment […]

Which Business Retirement Plan is Right for You?

If you run a small business, you’ve got no shortage of concerns: cash flow, marketing, the ebb and flow of the economy – you name it. In fact, you have so many issues to ponder, you might find it hard to take the time to choose a retirement plan for your business. And yet, it’s […]

Small Business Owners Benefit from Defined Benefit Plans

There are a number of retirement plan options available to small business owners. Yet for older higher income business owners, the best option might be the least used option – defined benefit pension plans. Defined benefit plans are often referred to as pension plans, because they provide a guaranteed retirement benefit and they must be […]

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