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Mechanics of Money membership is a free service open to all types of practicing financial advisors. This includes financial planners, attorneys, insurance agents, bankers, and even morticians - among others. If you are a practitioner and you have something to say about particular types of financial issues, then we encourage you to apply for free membership in the Mechanics of Money network.

Member Benefits
free money help

There are a number of benefits of joining the Mechanics of Money network. A few of these benefits include:
  • answering the occassional financial question is an excellent way to gain market exposure and increase you and your firm's visibility, put yourself directly in front of clients who are actively seeking your services, and let your expertiese differentiate yourself from other advisors.

  • including your firm's listing in our financial advisor database will help potential clients locate you by your state and practice areas.

  • writing the occasional blog article allows you to gain all of the advantages of participating in a widely read blog, without having the obligation or commitment of maintaining the blog. Many advisors create their own blogs only to discover that blogging takes a huge time commitment, both in terms of producing content and in marketing the blog. With the Mechanics of Money Blog, other bloggers help produce the content and we take care of marketing the blog. Blogging allows advisors to reach out to potential clients on a more personal level, which helps advisors reach out to their target audience. Also, writing short blog articles has the added benefit of increasing web traffic to the author's own website, becuase each article contains a link to the author's website. Even a few articles on our widely marketed blog might be exactly what your website needs to get going.

  • posting your free press releases to our widely syndicated press release center puts you and your firm's accomplishments in front of potential clients and media contacts. These press releases may announce a new venture, new investment offerings, or even a new website or blog -- or any other event that you would like potential clients and the media to know about.

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