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Recent Estate Planning Questions and Answers:

Transferring an estate to a wife
Although many specifics are provided here, there still aren't enough. With an estate this size, a plan is needed. This would include, perhaps, a CRUT providin more...

Should I purchase mortgage protection?
This is a legal, not accounting question. I am not an attorney so cannot give legal advice. If you do not have full ownership of the house either through havi more...

Estate Tax on Sale of a home
I assume that the home will be sold AFTER the family member has died and that there are 4 heirs splitting it. If so, there will be a valuation of the home on t more...

Probate querie. when not using solicitors...?
Your best bet would be to first contact an attorney and ask if it's even necessary to get the courts involved. Ask if perhaps, it is acceptable/legal to have hi more...

Need to have talk with parents
I am glad you reached out, because this is a serious matter that I have seen. Parents who don’t set up plans, or keep them secret, cause uncertainty, ill f more...

Need A Trust
Absolutely. A trust is a vital legal tool providing a means to separte assets from yourself while retaining control. Find a good attorney, and an investm more...


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