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Recent Life Insurance Questions and Answers:

Is surviving wife required to pay off mortgage with life insurance
NO, only if you listed your mortgage company as a beneficiary, else she can use it as she pleases. more...

Should I cancel my life insurance policy to pay off credit cards
Depending on your debt to income ratio you might want to cash in the policy's and use $$ for down payment, then buy term insurance and invest the difference of more...

Follow up AIG insurance question
Yes it is very similar. It is design to allow the insurance company to use "your" money for their benefit. I suggest you do what they are doing with your money. more...

Life Insurance with AIG
No, if AIG folds your policy should be bought be another life ins. co. This why every insurance company has a federal reserve. If you do have a cash value polic more...

Life Insurance Cash In
The only time the cash value is taxable is if you had earned more in the cash value than paid. Get a cost basis from life ins. company. I'd cash it in and inves more...

Wal-Mart refuses to pay
Timothy, She might want to contact the states insurance commissioner. If her husband was committing a felony, the insurance company won't pay. You need to see more...

variable life insurance
I wouldn't take out the variable life insurance, you can do a lot better by buying a level term insurance product and investing in a Roth IRA. This way you cont more...

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