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Recent Retirement Planning Questions and Answers:

Will rolling over IRA cause me to lose my Social Security
If you transfer your IRA to a Roth IRA you will have to pay taxes on that transfer. Depending on age, why transfer the IRA to Roth? more...

Can I lose my 401k if my employer goes under
You should do a direct rollover to an IRA now, this way it is in your name. Must be DIRECT ROLLOVER. If you withdrawl any money from IRA or 401k you will pay more...

Is it financially sound to stay in our house
You have several variables to consider: 1) land value appreciation vs equity investing; which in most cases investing in equity mutual funds historically outpr more...

What to put excess money in inside of retirement account
Look at the history of your index funds, preferably after 1981, '87, '93. Since your 32 and don't need the money currently, invest for the long term. Good job o more...

Transferring old 401K assets to an existing SEP-IRA
No but you can transfer them to a tradition IRA. more...

Using 401k savings to pay off mortage
Right now there is a lot of help for people being laid off. Call your mortgage company and explain the details. You never want to pull money from 401k, that's t more...

To leave my 401k alone or to change it?
If you don't plan on retiring till after age 60, then yes keep investing and keep buying low. The market has ALWAYS returned.. Always. If you look at history. W more...

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